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An Introduction to hand-drawing batik



Making Handkerchief (square size)

 Size: 45cmx45cm

Course fee: 50.000 IDR

Open from 09:00 to 15:00

Duration: 40 minutes to 1 hour

Maximum capacity: 25 participants



Choose a design that you are interested in. There are varieties of design that are already traced on a fabric by our staff, but you can experience tracing it by yourself. If you plan using your own design, make sure you have prepared your design on a piece of paper before coming to our workshop.

 Step 2

After choosing your design, select one from three colors (blue, green, or red) to use it later for the dyeing process after the waxing is finished.

 Step 3

Choose a place to sit and you will be accompanied by one of our staff during the batik-making course, and we also provide the bees wax and tools that you will be using for making batik. Follow the instruction from our staff and be careful when you start using the hot liquid wax.

 Step 4

To start the waxing process, take a small amount of hot liquid wax using the instrument called chanting, and slowly covered the pencil line using the wax. Make sure the wax line is thick. This process is to prevent the color going through into the line so that it will remain white.

 Step 5

After the line is covered with wax, add some details such as lines and dots inside the outline. You can decide your own details and feel free to add another design on your work. If you find difficulty during the waxing process, our staff will help you with your work.

 Step 6

After finish waxing your design, then going to the dyeing process. Our staff will be doing this process, and you can see how it is done.

 Step 7           

The dying process will be repeated 3 times to make the color perfect, so it does not easily fade away when you use it. When the dyeing process is finished, the wax is then removed using boiling water and then iron. After the fabric is dry, you can bring it home right away.