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About Us

Batik Plentong is a batik home manufacture based in Jogjakarta, Indonesia. Founded by husband and wife, H. Djaelani Wignyosudarmo and Hj. Supartini Djaelani in 1950, they shared love and passion for their batik making and preserving tradition as a cultural heritage.


Starting from selling their batik inside the traditional market, slowly they build their own factory and shop in their home and backyard with the help from their four children, neighbor which became their employee afterward and people from the village with batik writing skill that came to the city to work for this family business. In the other hand, people without batik skill were taught about using hand stamp batik and dyeing process using natural materials.


With so many people working in this business, the Djaelani couple decided to name their batik home manufacture as Batik Plentong. Plentong, which is a Javanese language, means ‘light bulb’. The philosophy of this logo is, how bright the bulb light become, it could brighten the objects on the surrounding. How big the business become, peoples inside this business could make a living from it.


Passing this family-based business from generation to generation, our commitment is to always maintain the original production process using hot wax and chanting as an instrument to draw onto the fabric and keeping the high quality product materials so that allow for product to be well-made and comfortable to be use for cloth.


From the beginning of this business, our product specialty are producing traditional Jogjakarta motif, (e.g. Sidomukti, Sidoluhur, Semen, etc.) using hand written batik as well as hand stamp batik. For the dyeing process we also keep the traditional Jogjakarta color which are brown, blue and white (soga). Usually the traditional motifs are used for formal event. But a high demand for modern motifs with bright color also made us produce many kinds of colorful floral, animal and abstract motifs for modern lifestyle and could be worn for informal event.


Besides running the business shop, our goals is also wanting to educate people about the real meaning of batik and the traditional process of making batik so that it could be pass down to the next generation in order to maintain the old tradition. That is why we give free guidance to our workshop and you can experience the real traditional batik process.

Feel free to come and let’s share our thoughts about batik and its philosophy.